Monday, July 17, 2006

how to fully theft-proof your car:

there is really not a whole lot to say, in this post, other than i'm glad nobody was hurt and it WAS quite a breeze...

so, i was sitting in my toronto living room surfin the 'net and trying to stay cool (it was an unbelieveably hot and humid day). my roommates were out to dinner and i had the house to myself. i was all kicked back, enjoying an icy cold one and relishing the silence. then the wind picked up...

i'm not kidding, it was like WICKED windy for about five minutes. the roommates pulled up about 4 minutes before this happened at the top of the street:

my neighbour (aka: slingblade)

one mashed up minivan... all i could say was "wow". oh, and "those poor poor suckers with no 'act of god' clause in their car insurance".... (to be confirmed). but at least they had been very diligent in protecting from theft:


here's me (in my rolled up trackpants). d├ęSASTRE !!!

the end.


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