Monday, September 11, 2006

mo' rookies, mo' rookies, MO' ROOKIES

After my third day of hangin’ at the Flames rookie camp, I’ve decided it’s time to hand out some awards to the baby flames. Here goes...

1. Fastest skater, most underrated player, hardest hitter, biggest shit-disturber, best grinder (according to me): Tomi Mäki.
'nuff said. i love this guy.

2. Best spin-a-rama leading to a goal: Aki Seitsonen

3. Most impressive shift: John Armstrong
Because with 15 minutes left, he literally TRIPPED over the PUCK, fell hard on his bottom, and then (much to my surprise) got up and scored.

4. The first annual “that guy is EVERYWHERE” award : Brandon Prust.
He never netted one of his own, but he must’ve been on the ice for at least three goals. I like your style, sir. Game on.

5. Most overrated: Kris Chucko.
I was paying attention, HONEST, and I never once noted that #62 did anything worthwhile. but the press keeps telling me he's fuckin' awesome...

6. Coolest younger brother award: Richie Regehr
(but only because Michael Ryder plays for the wrong team, so daniel wins NOTHING).

7. Longest shutout: Leland “napoleon dynamite” Irving.
The youngest netminder on the ice let in zero goals in two days. First runner up for the award goes to Brent Krahn, who also shut out today, but since he didn’t play yesterday : sorry, loser.

8. The “dream-crusher” award: David Moss.
He's the oldest guy on the ice at 24, and no shot whatsoever to crack the big team. Apologies, my friend.

9. Best Russian (also called “best hockey sense”): Andrei Taratukhin
I’m not 100% convinced on this guy. But if Sutter likes’im, I like’im. End of story.

10. Best team : Red.
I'm not surprised, but hey --the black team lost twice. This outcome, of course, seems scripted cause the flames rule the sea of red AND the red mile. How could the red team LOSE ???

yes, i used caps. sue me.


Blogger MetroGnome said...

Good stuff. I definately agree with you on Chucko - right now I don't know if he'll ever come close to being an NHL player.

Im not so sold on Maki, although I haven't seen as much of the rookies as you have this year. I'll keep an eye on his stats in Omaha this year.

8:35 AM  

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